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If you are interested in the latest news and trends in the gaming industry, you can subscribe to any one of the channels discussed here.

The One Shot Podcast – oneshotpodcast.com

This show is based in Chicago, Illinois, and it focuses on RPG games. It is hosted by the legendary gamer James D’Amato as he helps listeners and fans navigate the world of the latest RPG games on the market. The show has more than 14 000 followers on Twitter, and listeners can tune into an hour-long episode every week.

Double Barrel Gaming – anchor.fm/craig-ravitch

This podcast streams straight out of New York in the USA. The show features positive news about the gaming industry, and it brings fans closer to the facts when it comes to playing with the different consoles on the market. It does not mean to start a war over which console is best, and it tries to present listeners with relevant and interesting facts.

Real Gaming Hour – anchor.fm/realgamerhour

This podcast hosts well-known gamers like Mtashed, Kakishd, and Truevanguard. The show talks about the latest gaming tech, new releases, and reviews, and it also brings listeners closer to the drama surrounding the industry. If you are looking for a peek at the latest news and information in the gaming industry, you can follow this channel.

Videogame Dads Podcast – videogamedads.libsyn.com

This highly entertaining show is hosted by three dads that love gaming. Adam, Shane, and Ben talk about fatherhood and gaming in this weekly podcast. They play and discuss the latest games on the market and give their honest opinion on various game features and designs. These three experienced gamers provide listeners with non-stop entertainment.

The Gaming Careers Podcast – gamingcareers.com/podcast

Listeners who are interested in taking up video gaming as a career can follow this informative channel. The show is all about how average gamers can make money by streaming live content online.

Follow this channel to learn more about Elements Interactive Games, and stay up to date with the latest game releases and reviews.